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Pastor René was so understanding as a spiritual advisor. I had just broken off from a toxic relationship with someone I trusted.  He was a respected professional. I believed that he actually loved me as I had loved him. I came to realize he did not have my best interests at heart. He was planning to crush my spirit, financially take me for everything I had, and attempted to tarnish my relationship with my children. My emotions were very raw and I didn’t always express myself well while processing all that I came to realize. I was in a very dark place.


Pastor René helped lift me from that dark place as I was processing the pain caused by this experience. He advised me and was able to listen to what I had to say as well. He didn’t flat out give me the answers. Instead, he partnered with me in exploring ways to heal from the emotional trauma and guided me to a higher level of spiritual well-being.


I can say now that I’m in a very different place. I’ve risen above the situation yet still have occasional flashbacks that I know I can process with him without judgment. I’m trusting in God’s timing and being obedient towards his plan for me. I know now that I’m a much stronger person for going through this and Pastor René is one of the reasons why.


—Laura Mercado


It was truly a blessing to receive counseling from Pastor René. I would highly recommend anyone to utilize his service. His spiritual guidance, encouragement, and prayers helped me achieve a more positive and empowered mindset. Pastor René's counseling also provided me the opportunity to do some very beneficial introspection, which enabled me to analyze and heal past issues.


I now have a clearer vision and I am boldly and decisively moving forward and tackling life's challenges and endeavors. Thank you, Pastor! And may you continue to enjoy success and brighter days to come.


—Vivian Crawl

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I met Pastor René during the hardest time of my life. My husband was on Palliative Care and almost a year later passed away. He has been a huge support for me. He counseled me with honesty, compassion, and the love of God.

Pastor René helped me call on the Lord for strength, courage, and wisdom. His council was always delivered with gentleness. He would advise me to pray and search for God’s will before making any critical decisions that I had to make.


Through his encouragement and use of God‘s word, I was reminded that I am never alone. Pastor René walked me through the struggles and blessing of John’s last year and now through the new life God has granted me. I am forever grateful for his work.


—Jackie Hitt

Jackie (R) pictured with late husband, John,and daughter, Cori.


Definitely worth anybody’s time. Pastor René listens intensively and gives honest, direct and concise counsel. Praise God for him. I would recommend anybody to try his consultation.

Thanks Pastor!


—Donald Ovadiyah Fequiere


René François: Loving Life, thank you so much… I appreciate you helping me get out of my depression. I’m so much better now. I’m working, and I’m back to say thank you. . . . You are wonderful. Continue helping people. You are amazing! Amen.


—Nicole Johnston


I can't express how much Pastor Rene has been helping me through some of the toughest and most painful times of my life. Pastor René definitely has the gifts of the Holy Spirit. His patience, calm, and sometimes stern voice help me keep everything in perspective as I go through my valleys and lows. Pastor is such a blessing and is definitely fulfilling the calling on his life. If he can help me, he can definitely help you. 🙏🏽

René François: Loving Life, you have no choice but to continue your work. You are stuck with me FOREVER! 🤗


—Kim W.


I had a wonderful session with Rev. Francois. I found him to be patient. He took the time to really listen with compassion and concern for what I was going through. In one session I can honestly say I have been given wonderful, very genuine tools of wisdom that I will be able to carry with me for years to come. I highly recommend René Francois: Loving Life Pastoral Counseling. 


–Felicia Rice


"Most compassionate

and caring.

Thank you always🙏"


—Maria E. Estevez-Khamis

"Trust this man of God,

he sure can help uplift

your spiritual life.

Blessings to you

Rev. René and family…"


—Pastor José Warque

"Reverend François is a great counselor. You are in good hands

with the blessing of God. 👼"


—Rosette Nazarian


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