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The Fluidity Of Life, Love & Friendship

Today I am blessed to be working at our Hospital in San Pedro, CA. As I sit here in our Spiritual Care office thinking of some of the wonderful people who I have had the pleasure to share experiences with on this journey, I am reminded of how important it is to appreciate the people in our lives (e.g., family, friends, coworkers).

Life is beautiful and dynamic. There is a graceful fluidity to life as people and situations come and go. The place where you are now is not where you will always be. The people that you see daily, somewhat regularly, or in some cases just once in a while, will move on (hopefully, to better things). Or, you will move on to explore new horizons in your personal life or career. Either way, if you have a heart for people—for friendship and the enrichment they bring to your life—you will feel the void when the change occurs.

The feelings associated with goodbyes are complicated, because on one hand there is the joy of knowing that you or the other person are embarking on an exciting new journey. Yet, there is also sadness, because you are aware that you'll no longer have the luxury of interacting with them in the same way that you've become accustomed.

Dear friends, love life! And love and appreciate those with whom you are so fortunate to share this part of your journey because they will not be there forever. At some point, your paths will diverge. However; if you play your cards right and love them now while they're here, you will be forever blessed to carry in your heart the beautiful memories that you've made together.🕊

—Rev. René François, Chaplain

Providence Little Company Of Mary Medical Center, Torrance, CA. / San Pedro, CA.

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