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LIFE: A Divine Symphony

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

By Rev. René François

Perfectly imperfect, yet perfect in every way—This is LIFE; a masterfully scored composition of beautiful harmonies, at times hauntingly and confusingly dissonant with skillfully placed points of tension and release. Birth...Death...Resurrection; Victory...Defeat...Restoration. These are all movements of a Divine symphony—part of a greater plan that we often struggle to understand.

Thankfully, I am older now—just old enough to appreciate that with age comes wisdom. I can now see, acknowledge and accept Life for what it is, a wonderous work of art, with all of its imperfections and mine, as well as the imperfections and mysteries of those with whom I have been gifted to share this journey. It is all enfolded within God’s perfect plan. This is Life—perfectly imperfect, yet perfect in every way.

I must repeatedly resist the temptation to question it and the all-to-human desire to judge it. For these are roads that lead down endless, winding trails and ultimately back to the starting point of questioning and judging with no resolution. Yes, I am older now—old enough to know that why’s are rarely, if ever, answered to our satisfaction in this life. Time and wisdom have taught me that it is far better to learn and grow from each experience and to give thanks to the Composer for giving the priceless gift of this masterful work entitled "LIFE" in its fullness and wonderful complexity. The perceived good and bad, the beautiful and the hideous, the blissfully joyful and the agonizingly painful are all contained within the notes of this marvelous piece. There is oftentimes magnificent beauty in the midst of both joy and suffering, for the threads of God’s love run through both. God’s presence is always there in the midst of it all providing grace, hope, peace, strength and abundant love.

It is in making peace with Life, just as the Master scored it, with all of its intricacies and mysteries, that we free ourselves to fully appreciate its beauty. Every laugh, every tear, every success and every failure, every cause to celebrate and each reason to mourn plays a role in the development of our spiritual maturity. Life; with all of its joys, sorrows and great mysteries, has made you and I who we are. Therefore, let us offer heartfelt gratitude to the Artist for creating the masterpieces that are our lives, for each life is indeed a masterpiece. May we each acknowledge Life as the gift that it is—an exquisite work of art that we did not commission, yet, are granted as a most generous benefaction. May you and I be grateful for it in its entirety, and accept it with the greatest humility.🕊

—Rev. René François


8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”


Rev. René François is a chaplain at Providence Little Company Of Mary Medical Centers, Torrance, CA. & San Pedro, CA. and provides spiritual care to hospice patients throughout Southern California. Rev. René is also founder of #RenéFrançoisLovingLifeMinistries.

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